Level up your skills and make new friends at the inaugural Craft CMS developer conference!

October 22-23

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Speakers & Schedule

Day 1

Craft 3 Workshop

Learn the ropes of Craft 3 with Ryan Irelan! Ryan runs Mijingo, where he produces video courses on Craft and other web technologies. We’ll be learning about some of the new templating and configuration features in Craft 3, plus walk through the steps to update an existing Craft 2 site to it.

Craft 3 Plugin Lab

Working on a new plugin for Craft 3, or have a Craft 2 plugin that needs to be ported? The Craft CMS dev team will be here all day, helping developers get their plugins ready for the upcoming Craft 3 Plugin Store.

Day 2

Opening Remarks

09:30 AM

Brandon will kick off the conference with some exciting announcements.

Content Strategy: The Method Behind the Madness

09:45 AM

As a developer, you know how to build structured content, understand relational databases, and make all the pieces come to life. But do you know where it comes from, what it's meant to do, and how authors will interact with it? In this session, we'll go from ideation to launching a site that is useful and usable. Learn what content strategy brings to the process and the questions developers need to ask for a CMS to fully support its content. Leave knowing you can build a system that allows non-technical people to effectively manage content.

How to Create a Full REST API With Craft 3

10:45 AM

Take a technical look at the various considerations and configurations needed to create a RESTful API with Craft 3. We’ll cover resource structure, authentication, authorization, data transformation and much more. Whether you’re building a single page app or require external integrations, creating a REST API with Craft 3 is easier than you think.

Intro to Craft Plugin Development

11:30 AM

We may not all be PHP wizards, but writing a simple Plugin is a vital skill in Craft land. We'll cover how to create your first Plugin and how to do some of the small stuff: creating a Twig filter, storing settings (like API keys and secrets), and creating Plugin functionality within the Craft admin.

Crafting Modern SEO

01:30 PM

You've worked hard to design a beautiful website for your client. Now, learn how to utilize SEO best practices to ensure that its viewed by potential customers. We'll discuss what SEO looks like in 2017, and how to implement it using Craft as an SEO management tool. From basic meta tags, sitemaps and OpenGraph to the more esoteric JSON-LD structured data, A/B split testing and GoogleBot crawl budgets, we've got you covered.

Collaborating with Craft

02:15 PM

Adding collaborators can mean adding complexity — but it doesn’t have to!  This session will focus on strategies and tools for working on a Craft project with multiple contributors.  From storing settings in version control to effective client-onboarding, I'll share approaches to small-team collaboration that actually work (and some that don't), using lessons learned during the development of the Yale Environment 360 site as our test-case.

Handy Craft Tips & Tricks

03:30 PM

Craft makes building highly customizable marketing sites a breeze. I’ll show you some of my most used Twig features, config settings and more. You’ll learn how to add and modify table columns on entry listings and implement custom redactor formatting. We’ll also dive into how I use matrices as content builders and organize images in an agency setting.

Editorial Design in Craft

04:15 PM

The web is under threat. Information and attention is consolidating under the centralized platforms of our social media overlords. Lucky for us, we have our own weapon to fight back with. Craft has the power to bring expression and independence back to our web… we just need to know why, how, and when to use it. Let's look at how to turn our trusty publishing tool into an art directing machine.



OMSI is one of the nation’s leading science museums with 219,000 square feet of brain-powered fun. Its five enormous halls bring science to life with hundreds of interactive exhibits and displays.

While you’re here, don’t miss their amazing Pompeii exhibition – it ends on Sunday the 22nd!


City of Portland

Portland, Oregon is known for its food trucks, coffeehouses, microbreweries, bridges, and bicycle paths. In October temperatures are typically in the low 60s, making it a great time of year to explore the city on foot or via its convenient public transportation system.



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AC Hotel

Closing Party

Ground Kontrol

Join us at Ground Kontrol – PDX's premier classic arcade – for Dot All's closing party, 6-9 PM on Monday. Have a beer with the Pixel & Tonic team and get your game on.

Ground Kontrol


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